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We deliver to anywhere in the planet Earth, give guarantees and bold provides warranty and post-warranty service of our bags and accessories.
For our bag production we use only genuine leather of high quality, natural durable cloth and fasteners from the world leading manufacturers.
All bags and accessories are made of genuine leather and produced handicraft at the self-owned manufactory in Saint-Petersburg. There we produce all goods, beginning with the first designer’s drafts and ending with the final product!
18 June 2018
Friends, we're happy to present you the first bag, which is made of new red leather — Kristen! We think, that it looks great in this color. More information.
New red Kristen
5 June 2018
Friends, meet new lavender Vesper! We really like this color combination. More information.
Lavender Vesper
1 June 2018
Friends, we added new women’s belts in 3 colors: black, brown and ginger. Now available at our catalog.
Women's belts